Benefits of Waterproof Cameras The best moments in life usually have short life time and you can capture that moments as remembrance for the future. There are many benefits associated with the waterproof camera as they are more advantageous than the digi cam facility cameras they are designed to withstand the underwater conditions with the depth of at least 30 feet. With the help of the waterproof camera you can easily zoom out and make sure that you purchase the camera that has the shock proof and the freeze proof facility too. They also provide the LED illumination that helps to capture the picture as a bright image in the dark places too. There are two types of waterproof cameras available housing cameras and the amphibious cameras. The waterproof camera has the thick casing made of plastic for water resistant and this is the main difference between the normal camera and the waterproof camera. There are different brands available like Canon, Panasonic, Olympus etc… When you are making some kind of adventurous sports like kayaking, surfing, diving etc… then there is a need for the waterproof camera. Look for the high megapixel camera as they will have the high quality image. The SLR feature is important in the waterproof camera as they are built with the higher specifications. They are also available in very compact size that is easily portable. It’s better to go for the branded cameras than the normal cameras though they are little expensive they have a long life span.